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Creation Chronicle: Jan. 2010

Hello! Greetings in the name of our LORD Jesus Christ, the Creator! We are grateful that we can come to you by way of our biannual newsletter! To each one who faithfully prays for us or supports us financially, we humbly thank you for your kindness. We wish all of you a blessed time with family and friends during this time of year in which we exalt our LORD for His Incarnation, and we reflect on 2009 and anticipate 2010. May the God of creation bless each of you immensely in the New Year!

2009: A REVIEW
We were extremely blessed to serve in 10 VBS meetings from VA to UT! At the end of the summer, we once again were blessed to serve in a creation revival at Baptist Community Church in Afton, WY. In September, we again served at the Payson, UT city fair (“Onion Days”) where we distributed much material and spoke with people on the street about our Creator! Jeff enjoyed two good opportunities to share the Gospel with two couples! In addition, the week of October 6-10 we were able to sponsor a booth at the Alexander Co. Fair in Taylorsville, NC. This was made possible by the efforts of a good friend from our church, Brother Bryan Warner. We are extremely grateful to him for spearheading this project and to all those who helped him at the booth.
As we entered the fall, the LORD provided special Creation Sundays in states such as WA, OR, UT, and AZ. One highlight for us was assisting our missionary friends, Chuck & Lynda Otto in two public school Bible clubs! We’d love to do more of these! What’s more—we were blessed to see a number of children respond and about 6 of those made decisions for either salvation or assurance! Praise the LORD! In addition, we were blessed to conduct 4 chapels in Christian schools in Kent, WA and in Tigard, OR. On our way back home to NC, we traveled through TN and were blessed to report to a supporting church in Shelbyville (Faith Baptist). We were home only a day before heading out again! This time, we took just the truck to VA for a missions conference at another supporting church, Sweethaven Baptist in Portsmouth. During this time, we stayed at Heather’s parents’ home in Virginia Beach for a week, and Jeff had the opportunity to speak in chapel at Tabernacle Baptist Seminary. Upon returning to Hickory, we left once again to serve at Calvary Free Will Baptist in Swannanoa, NC where Frank Cantrell is pastor. We had a wonderful Creation Weekend there Oct. 30-Nov. 1. Just before Thanksgiving (November (18-22), we served in a creation revival at Calvary Baptist in Covington, VA where Dean Bowser is pastor. On December 13, we were at Fellowship Baptist in Lincolnton, NC with Pastor Phil Pringle. We praise the LORD for all of these great opportunities, and for smooth and safe travel.

We’re excitedly preparing for our third annual Creation Conference…
February 12 – 14 & 19 - 20
…with special guests:
Dr. Jobe Martin (Biblical Discipleship Ministries)
Dr. Dennis Payne (rheumatologist)
“Dan the Animal Man” Breeding (Wild Animal Encounters)

Our theme is JUNGLE TALES, and we’re going to use animals in presenting truth that relates back to the foundation of all things: God as the Creator. Some message titles will be:

Why Our Children are Already Gone
Anatomy of the Jungle
Conception Deception
Consider the King
Lifting Up the Serpent
Monkey Business

After the conferences, our itinerary is pretty open until summer. Right now, we have only a couple of VBS meetings lined up, but our summers usually fill up quickly. Our theme will be Dino Might as we use dinosaurs to answer intriguing questions, like:

Are dinosaurs in the Bible?

Why do we not see them today and what happened to them?

Could they still be alive?

Can we use them to tell people about God?

The Book of Job is an excellent book in dealing with this subject.

Job 40:15, 17
Behold now behemoth, which I made with thee; he eateth grass...
he moveth his tail like a cedar:

Job 42:5, 6
I have heard of thee…but now mine eye seeth thee. Wherefore I abhor myself and repent…

We once again are planning to head west in 2010, and will likely start that way around the middle of July. We also are tentatively planning to add a 3rd fair to our schedule: the “Onion Days” of Payson, UT; the Box Elder Co. fair in Tremonton, UT, and the Alexander Co. fair in Taylorsville, NC.

Another change in the works is an entirely new website and more!! For some time, we’ve needed to come “up to par” in technology and how our ministry is presented. As the LORD provides, we’d love to launch an interactive site that is more geared for children. We’re preparing for a greater outreach to our culture as we test different avenues for e-ministry!

As we serve in this ministry of education and edification, we continually are reminded that this is the LORD’s work “and it is marvelous in our eyes” (Psalm 118:23). We praise Him for what He has done and what He will do!

Remembering the Creator,

Jeff & Heather

creation revivals in Swannanoa, NC and Covington, VA this past fall; Jeff’s brother (Randy) back in church; financial provisions; safety in travel

funding for our 3rd Creation Conference; increase in monthly support; Jeff’s uncle, Ken, in the loss of his wife; wisdom for growing this work; funding for new ministry “e-overhaul”;

See our itinerary at

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