Friday, January 15, 2010

Jungle Tales Conference Schedule

JUNGLE TALES Conference on Biblical Creation

We are excited to provide this special time to exalt our Creator for His Word and His works! Due to the viewpoint discrimination by evolutionary and humanistic teachers in public education and in society at large, we are burdened not only to present the "other side," but also to show that this 'side' has so much more! As we study the Biblical side of things, this question continues to bug us: If there is a Creator/Designer, what is the purpose of His creation? If the Creator of all things perfectly designed it all, does He have a special plan for all humanity, even for His animals...ones like big cats or snakes? An amazing, yet intriguing thought that the Bible answers in a BIG way!

Special guests this year include:
Dr. Jobe Martin
Dan "the Animal Man" Breeding
Dr. Dennis Payne
Kam Badibu
(native to the Congo)

Schedule & session titles:
February 12-14 at Ambassador Baptist Church in Hudson, NC
Friday, 7-9 pm
Why Our Children Are Already Gone - Martin
The Gospel of Evidences - Setzer

Saturday, 9 am - noon
Anatomy of the Jungle - Martin
Conception Deception - Payne
Monkey Business - Setzer

Sunday, 10 am - noon; 5 pm, 6 pm
Defending the Basics - Martin
Lifting Up The Serpent - Setzer
Which Came First? - Martin
ID: What's Wrong With It?

Februrary 19-21 at Tabernacle Baptist in Hickory, NC
Friday, 7-9 pm
Conception Deception - Payne
Consider the King - Setzer

Saturday, 9 am - noon;
The Gospel of Evidences - Setzer
Conception Deception - Payne (SPANISH)
Monkey Business - Setzer
Lifting Up The Serpent - Setzer (SPANISH)

12:30 "King of Creation" luncheon (ticket required)
Dinosaurs Alive?! - Setzer (special guest from the Congo: Kam Badibu)

Sunday, 9:30 - 1:30 "Domingo de Creacion"
(all sessions will be translated into Spanish)
The Cause of Creation - Setzer
Lifting Up The Serpent - Setzer

special guest: Dan Breeding

For more information, please check:
Creation Family Ministries
Jungle Tales

There will be special sessions for children ages 4-10. Oh, and one more thing. Other than the luncheon, this conference is FREE to the public! (Love offerings will be received.) See you here! If you have any questions, please call Creation Family Ministries at 828-238-0016 or email Brother Jeff at Thanks!

--Brother Jeff

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