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Creation Chronicle - January, 2011

“Praise the LORD from the earth, ye dragons, and all deeps:” (Psalm 148:7)

Greetings in the name of our LORD, the Creator! It is truly a blessing to serve our Maker pointing people to Him and to the reliability of His Word. We especially thank those who contribute prayerfully and financially to help make our labor possible. May HE bless you real good!

We praise the LORD for opportunities HE has given us to serve HIM these past few months! Since June, we have had wonderful times of ministry and fellowship each of these weeks, for which we are extremely grateful:

Good News Baptist - Virginia Beach (VBS)
Calvary Baptist - Hendersonville, NC (VBS)
First Baptist - Winamac, IN (VBS)
Victory Baptist - Montrose, CO (VBS)
Central Baptist - Hayden, CO (VBS)
First Baptist - Escalante, UT (VBS)
Grace Baptist - Logan, UT (VBS)
Santaquin Baptist - Santaquin, UT (VBS)
Calvary Baptist - Tremonton, UT (VBS / fair)
Santaquin Baptist - Payson, UT (fair)
Heritage Baptist - Mt. Pleasant, UT (revival)
Baptist Community Church - Afton, WY (revival)
Grace Baptist - Terre Haute, IN (revival)
Thompson Rd. Baptist, Indianapolis (miss. conf.)
Gospel Tabernacle Baptist, Tullahoma, TN (Creation Day)
Faith Baptist - Shelbyville, TN - (Script. Conf.)
New Testament Baptist - Floral City, FL (revival)
Freedom Baptist - Havelock, NC (Creation conf.)
Tabernacle Baptist, Virginia Beach (Chapel)
Sharon Baptist - Hampton, VA (Creation Day)


Some highlights from the summer are:
 Meeting Klaus, a man who grew up in Germany during the Holocaust and was a member of Hitler's youth!
 Meeting an artist, Brent, who helped us with a "pterosaur sheet" we used for decoration this past summer.
 Special opportunities to present the Gospel:
1. To a group of about 25 from a boys home who came Sunday morning to First Baptist in Escalante, UT.
2. To a group of about 25 LDS (Mormons) on Sunday morning in a baby dedication at Grace Baptist in Logan, UT.

 Meeting three men (Zach, Cody, Mason) who believed evolution at the fair in Payson, UT. They listened well and accepted material from us.

For updated information and pictures from our travels, look up jeffandheather on Facebook.

We’re excitedly planning TWO Creation Conferences this year:
February 24 – 26
Hickory Metro Convention Center - Hickory, NC
March 2 – 6
Tabernacle Baptist - Virginia Beach, VA

Our theme will be Dinosaurs & the Bible with special guests:
Creation Truth Foundation (mobile museum from Noble, OK)

Dr. Jobe Martin (Rockwall, TX)

Dan “the Animal Man" Breeding (Rolesville,NC)

Steve Lawwell (Shelbyville, TN)

Ken Sheets (Tabernacle Baptist Seminary; Virginia Beach, VA)

We ask for your prayers for these efforts that God would use them for HIS glory to strengthen the faith of believers and to point the lost to the LORD as our Creator AND Redeemer. These events will be FREE to the public and will include daytime and evening sessions for all ages:

Elementary Day (Thurs.)
High School Day (Fri.)
Family Day (Sat.)

For more information or to donate online, see

Once again, we plan to head west in 2011 and will likely start that way in July. We will have an itinerary in our June, 2011 newsletter.

Two recent responses from Christians to our ministry illustrate the vast differences that exist even among Bible believers when it comes to creationism. One response in one of our meetings was from a lady who soaked up the messages like a sponge. As she told me that she had attended two other creation conferences recently, she compared ours very favorably, saying that it was totally different. The other response came from a man:
“Other evangelists come each year and preach the Bible, but all you have is this (gesturing to our fossil table).”
These two responses to the same subject matter represent great differences among Christians regarding the knowledge and understanding that is applied to creationism. Some view it as “Well, we believe this…now let’s go on to the next subject”…while others just can’t get enough! Why this vast difference? In short, it is ignorance.
“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…”
(Hosea 4:6)

“If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things” (John 3:12)

Ignorance of God’s design in the physical realm results in ignorance of His design in the spiritual realm. According to Jesus, understanding the physical realm is key to understanding spiritual things. More and more as we serve in creation ministry, we see the negative results of the church giving “education” (study of the physical realm) over to public institutions, most of which formerly held the Bible as the basis for truth. However over the years, establishments such as Harvard and Yale, ones which once taught the Bible and trained preachers, have long ago departed from the Bible, a Genesis view of creation, and a global Flood. As religious institutions succumbed to the world’s thinking (e.g. accepting “millions of years”)—rejecting the Bible from its foundation—so the ones who were trained in those institutions succumbed to humanistic and false views(e.g. C. I. Scofield promoting the un-Biblical and illogical “Gap Theory”). It is no wonder today that we see vast ignorance and apathy among Bible-believers when it comes to foundational issues such as creation (the design of God) and its application to our daily lives. Without a solid foundation, sinful men reject God’s Word as unscientific and unreliable, and they live out a world view that is void of accountability to a Creator or to His design. If Christians are not proclaiming the truths of creation (the “earthly things”) the world cannot believe and accept our message of “heavenly things.” Hence, they are left to flounder in their own ideas. This is one reason why we are using conferences--to proclaim to the world that God does exist, that His Word is true from its beginning, and that He is a rewarder of all who diligently seek Him (Hebrews 11:6). If we can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us. Of course, we’d love to see you at one of the conferences! Most of all, we request your prayers as we labor in this field. We desperately need them! May the LORD our Maker bless you with what you truly need.

Remembering the Creator,
Jeff & Heather Setzer

VERY busy & blessed summer & fall (2010)
Jeff’s brother faithfully serving the LORD
opportunities to serve in two UT fairs
additional supporter
provision for new brochure & other materials.

Funding for our 4th year of Conference ministry
Increase in monthly support
Wisdom for writing & web development
Unsaved friends & family members
various ministry and personal needs

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