Friday, January 24, 2014

2014 Creation Fellowship

We are looking forward to our 2nd annual Southeast Baptist Creation Fellowship to be held February 10-12 at Faith Baptist Church in Hickory, NC (2310 16th St. NE). We again plan to enjoy the ministry of Steve Lawwell from Echoes of Eden Ministries in Christiana, TN, along with "Dan the Animal Man" Breeding who serves with Creatures of Creation in Rolesville, NC. Our theme is Wilderness Wonders and it includes subjects such as bears, bison, and moose; mammoths and the Ice Age; living pterosaurs, and "bigfoot." In addition, we will have Matthew Speights as a special guest for "Pterosaur Night" (Tuesday) to accent Brother Setzer's session entitled "The Fiery Flying Serpent"; and special music by Pastor Ronnie Smith & family. The entire meeting begins on Monday with an 11:30 luncheon for pastors and their wives (RSVP to by 2/7) and continues with evening sessions ~7-9 pm Monday through Wednesday, February 10-12. In addition, we will have 10 AM chapel times on (tentatively) both Tuesday and Wednesday, with the chapel on Wednesday being held at Tabernacle Christian School (1225 29th Av Dr NE Hickory, NC). Keep tabs on our calendar for update information (session titles/times) and join us for this special time!

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