Saturday, September 6, 2014

Monkey Business

Are you a monkey's uncle? One of the most egregious evolutionary lies out there is that humans are related to the monkey/ape-type of animal. The figure of 99% DNA similarity between chimps and humans is touted as "fact," along with other similarities such as appearance or digits. However, the massive numbers of differences are never promoted. Differences such as language, the opposability of the human thumb, where the spine is attached to the skull, brain size, differences in hand design, human ability to sing, or the abilities of people to go to church, paint pictures, or build buildings. Not only are these external differences important to consider, but also is it extremely important to realize that the muscular and brain capacity have to "evolve" simultaneously with such externals. Most basic of all, the difference in number of chromosomes in reproduction is 48 for apes and 46 for humans. Hence, the monkey-to-man transition could never have happened. But when people learn true science does that change the belief that humans are related to the monkey? No, even though such horrible and egregious crimes have been committed based upon evolutionary ideas. Adolph Hitler believed the Jew to be "closest to pure ape" as he led an entire country to murder millions of innocent Jews and anyone else who got in the way of the Nazi machine. But this isn't popular to expose. No TV documentary on the Holocaust will tie the evil and vile deeds of the Third Reich to evolutionary ideology. In the mid 1920's, experiments were conducted by Russian scientists, led by eminent biologist Ilya Ivanov, in an attempt to "hybridize humans and apes." The resulting racist views directed the scientists to pair orangutans with humans of the "yellow race," gorillas with the "black race," chimpanzees with the "white race," and gibbons with the "more brachycephalic peoples of Europe" [possibly referring to Jews]. These horrible crimes and experiments, and so much more (e.g. racist beliefs and behavior), are to be laid at the feet of the worldview of evolution. Lies such as "Nebraska Man" (constructed from a single tooth of an extinct pig) and "Piltdown Man" (world famous hoax concocted by embryologist Ernst Haeckel) have been believed to the extent that multitudes have lost their lives and untold millions have gone to an eternity in hell as they reject the Bible for evolutionary fairy tales. The Bible asserts that mankind was made in the "image of God" and informs us that the Creator of people is NOT a monkey!! Rather, He is the Maker of both humans and the animals. There are TONS of facts from TRUE science that confirm the Biblical Record and expose evolution for what it is: an egregious lie from the pit of hell. The TRUTH is that mankind was created uniquely by God and is NOT the end result of a blob of goo evolving over "millions of years" to eventually become human. Evolution is the religious fairy tale--NOT the Bible. There are NOT many "races" but ONE human race that began with Adam and Eve and was split up into people groups at the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11). For more on this, check out

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