Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Post-Conference Update

We were richly blessed to serve in two areas conducting conferences this past week at Eastside Baptist in Statesville, NC and at Sharon Baptist in Hampton, VA.  It was a special blessing and privilege to once again have Dr. & Mrs. Jobe Martin as our guests, this time with their daughters, Taryn and Mirren.  We greatly enjoyed the special music abilities with piano and violin that the girls brought to the meetings!  Our theme was "Wilderness Wonders" and the folk were so enthusiastic about the messages!  In addition to conducting sessions for both adults and children, we hosted Leaders Luncheons for pastors, their wives, and other church leaders who have a burden and vision for creation/apologetics ministry.  Specifically, we presented an initial layout for SET Foundation Ministries, which stands for "Strengthening believers...Engaging unbelievers...Training others..."  In Philippians 1:17, we read "I am set for the defense (apologia) of the gospel."  While we have greatly enjoyed the past nearly 20 years in creation ministry, we do not wish to reach a "plateau."  The LORD willing, we plan for SET to reach farther into the future as a joint effort to make a difference in our day by "using creation to turn hearts to the Creator."  Please consider joining with us in reaching others with the foundation for the Gospel message, as we read in 1 Corinthians 15:22 - "For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive." After conference season, we are now focused on two more monthly fellowships before we begin our summer travels which are slated to take us into the fall as we head west again this year.  Our summer theme this year is Jungle Tales, including messages on big cats, monkeys, gators, snakes, and sauropod dinosaurs living in the Congo!  We're also in the throes of making decisions regarding a small piece of property we were able to purchase last year for the purpose of parking our RV/home.  In the short term, we plan to restore the well that was already existing and build a larger pump house that will also serve as a storage building.  As for Heather's health, her breathing issue is largely gone, praise the LORD!!  Due to two shots of steroids, the scar tissue shrunk and her airway is now an estimated 80% (as opposed to 60% blocked last spring)!  We praise the LORD that she is doing so well, so much so that she was able to conduct sessions for children during both conferences this past week!  Now, it is only a matter of keeping an eye on the potential of the scar tissue returning, an issue that caused two trips to the ER last October (2018)!  We SO much need and appreciate the prayers and financial support of God's people!  May HE bless each of you with what you truly need!

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