Sunday, September 6, 2020

Covid Cares

COVID Cares, etc.

As everyone around the world as seen, something called "COVID" has pretty much wreaked havoc on least that's what we're told.  A virus is a virus, a disease, a germ, bacteria, etc. with varying effects depending on the individual.  In all of the major news about such, what we aren't hearing are ways to boost our God-given immune systems so that our bodies are strengthened against germs that exist both exterior AND interior!  For about 25 years, we've learned a GREAT deal mainly from our naturopath doctor that truly helps our bodies to heal themselves, like a cut heals itself.  Not only did God, the Creator of all things, design our bodies to heal themselves, but He also provided for us in His creation a multitude of various herbs and plants that assist us in our health needs.  All in all, such needs stem back to the origin of sin and its effects in the Garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve rebelled against the design of God Who told them not to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  And just as they ignored His instruction and listened to the temptation of Satan, so mankind still ignores the Creator and listens instead to the devil and his plans.  We do this to our own detriment and destruction.  Such is also true in matters of health.  Whether it is Rescue 5, lavender oil, Hawthorn Smart, or baked sweet potatoes, there are a multitude of tools about which we have learned (and are still learning) that have helped us with health issues.  If you are interested in learning more, we have a handout we've produced that we update each January for our annual Health Matters creation fellowship.  We'd be glad to send that to you as an email attachment.  Just send a request to

With all of the hype about the Wuhan, China-originated virus, our past summer was drastically affected, to the point that all but one VBS was cancelled.  We could have traveled all the way to UT and WY for two meetings, but it was not feasible to take our RV-home all the way there without meetings to and from that usually help finance the entire trip.  As the meeting "dominoes" began to fall, it became clear that it was time to BUILD!  Yes, the lack of summer meetings was actually an open door to start construction on a small house that will be our base of operation where we can park our rig when we are home.  This frees us from having to rely on churches in our home area, which we have discovered can sometimes be pretty tricky! (See this blog post for one egregious example!)  We're extremely grateful for sweet church families (and Hickory Cove Bible Camp) that have provided us a place to park our RV-home in our home area.  Where we are right now is Command Baptist in Statesville, NC.  As of now, it is looking like we will be able to move in to our house sometime in October, 2020.  We just today saw the completion of the roofing, after a long saga.  The plumbing has also been an issue that likely will be resolved soon.  The process is quite lengthy, especially given the particularly onerous regulations of our county, Catawba county.  All in all, things have gone pretty well.  Our good friend, Don Lackey, has been a wonderful help and we just don't know how we'd have done it without him!

Looking ahead, after tax season which for us is the days before October 14, we will soon be working toward having our first-ever joint Creation Fellowship sometime in later October or early November, working with Pastor John Charles of Central Baptist in Yorktown, VA and our SET representative there, Brother Brian Frederick.  Check out the Creation Fellowship Facebook page for more!  This will be our only fellowship until Health Matters in January, 2021.  In addition, we will be working with Heather's dad to develop The Bible Study group in our hometown of Hickory, NC that will also be shared online.  Check out this Facebook page for more!  After January, we plan to have a virtual Doubt Darwin Day on February 14, and our monthly fellowships through May before heading out for a summer of DinoMight!  Stay tuned!


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