Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Freed to Serve Freely!

begins soon!  We have tons to do before our first VBS, which will be right around the corner from us at Spencer Road Baptist.  That will be great to have an opportunity in our "Jerusalem"!  We're extremely grateful to have a "petite place on Puett Park" where we now have our rig parked and hooked up to power, water, and septic!  For a few years now, after we were pressured out of our home church in Hickory (long story), we've bounced around to different places in our home area.  On one occasion we were quite literally kicked off the property of a church (Gospel Light Baptist) that had supported us for about a year.  Check out this poem I wrote about the unforgettable experience!  All due to some actual teaching about why we use the King James!  Another rather involved story!  All of these situations have driven us to seek the LORD and study His Word especially what He has to say about the pastor and the local church.  But if it weren't for the negative occasions, which actually were positive, we wouldn't have been motivated to build our house when we did--at the least likely time during a COVID summer!  After approximately 8 months, from July 6 - March 8 when we actually spent our first night in the house, we now are blessed to have our own place!  All glory to our great God Who provided grace all along the way!  We do pray for the "Diotrephes" (3 John 1:9-10) and "Alexanders" (2 Timothy 4:14) who have done us wrong.  However, we are extremely grateful to be freed from them and their false belief system, knowing also that without the negative things that happened, we wouldn't be where we are today with our own property and house!  It is a HUGE blessing to now be free from the burden of living under their "lording" ways (1 Peter 5:3).  In addition, those situations drove us into deeper study of the Word of God, bit by bit setting aside fallible opinions and traditions of men.  As a result, we've been blessed even more to better follow our LORD and His design for His people, because we see His design more clearly!  Amen!  Recently, those studies have resulted in a couple of series on video that we've called "Foundation Focus" which deals with important issues such as marriage and the church. We desire your prayers as we seek to be a blessing to the body of Christ, directing our attention to the Word of the living God!  Until next time...stay true to the Scripture!

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