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June 2015 Chronicle

The Creation Chronicle- June, 2015 The ministry newsletter of Jeff & Heather Setzer
"Behold now behemoth which I made with thee … he moveth his tail like a cedar." (Job 40:15-17)
Dear Friends & Family, We are grateful to come to you again by way of our bi-annual newsletter! Many of you pray for or financially support us, and we humbly thank you! May our God bless you!
We are preparing our fourth time conducting our Dino MIGHT theme for VBS meetings and other ministries. In 2000, we began CFM with “Dino Tales” and have, since then, developed five different themes:
Mountain Mysteries
Secrets of the Sea
Wilderness Wonders
Jungle Tales
While we have ideas for more themes, developing these has kept us busy! This year, it is perfect timing to learn that the next “Jurassic” movie, Jurassic World, is coming out in June! Stephen Spielberg must have checked our website! It will be an awesome time to share the creation message using those intriguing and amazing creatures, along with other subjects they bring up! Since we last wrote, we conducted an outreach to pastors via two “Leaders Luncheons” in two cities: Hickory, NC and Virginia Beach, VA. We were blessed to see 20 pastors attend and a total attendance of 40! We’ve already begun planning next February and hope to add a luncheon in middle Tennessee! As we see the LORD developing this work, graciously using us to do so, we’re amazed to think that He desires to use us! Praise Him! We ask for your prayers that God would open the eyes of more pastors and burden them to rise up against this “Goliath” we call “evolution”! In addition to two Leaders Luncheons, we are developing a Creation Fellowship ministry to churches in our home area. Instead of holding them at our home church each month, we launched out this year to conduct them in area churches where pastors see the need, and we have seen the LORD bless! So far this year, we have continued our 2014 jungle theme with an intriguing series entitled “Into the Amazon,” a presentation centered on the adventure of 30 men who explored the jungles of Peru and share many things about God’s creation versus the evolutionary world view. We look forward to continuing this effort in the fall.
Westward Ho!
Since we make our western trip every other year, we really, really look forward to going west this summer, seeing long time friends, meeting new ones, and serving in familiar and new-to-us churches! Our schedule is full but still developing. You can keep up with us on Facebook or our website calendar! Right now, we will head west from NC to WY July 8-10. Whew! Please pray that this trip will go smoothly. Anyone have a generator we can buy or borrow? 
We’re excited to introduce you to our new-to-us 2009 RV/home/office that we’ve named “Monty” (after the model: Montana)! It is made by Keystone and is a much better quality unit than either of our other ones that we bought brand new. We’re grateful to God for His provision through gifts from many churches and individuals! Combining savings and funds from the sale of “Dutchess,” we were able to pay the $28k price in full and have no payments! As with any move, it’s taking time to settle and get rid of unnecessary stuff! But we welcome Monty to missionary life.
Some years ago, we were blessed to serve in a creation revival at New Testament Baptist in Floral City, FL. After the Tuesday evening service during which I preached a message, “Dealing with the Dragon,” a nurse named Missy came up to me and said: “I was saved because of dinosaurs.” She then recounted that she’d been an atheist and an evolutionist for many years, having been taught as fact that dinosaurs died out “65 million years” before man evolved. She said that when she came to realize that this point was the only real “reason” why she didn’t believe the Bible, she took the Scripture and began reading it on her own. As a result, she recognized that the Biblical record does include man and dinosaurs living at the same time! (See Job 40-41.) This understanding opened the door for her to consider the Bible as a book of true history, and when she was confident in the whole of Scripture...her salvation came next! THIS IS IT! Sadly, most Christians put “science” subjects like dinosaurs on the “back shelf” as unnecessary to the Gospel message or to salvation. In one sense, it is true that one doesn’t ‘need’ to believe that dinosaurs and man co-existed in order to be saved from sin. HOWEVER, the same Book that gives spiritual truth about our sin also gives truth about the physical realm of God’s creation. JESUS Himself (the Creator) told Nicodemus in John 3:
"If I have told you earthly things and ye believe not, how shall ye believe if I tell you of heavenly things.” (v.12)
According to the Creator, belief in the physical realm precedes belief in the spiritual realm. It is extremely important to realize why God chose to begin His Word with the creation account.
“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth…” (Genesis 1:1).
In these first words of Genesis, we see the very basics of science: TIME (“the beginning”), SPACE (“the heaven”), and MATTER (“the earth”). While belief in creation isn’t enough for salvation, without it there is no foundation for salvation! The most familiar Gospel verse in the Bible is in in the New Testament, and it begins with creation! John didn’t begin his Gospel with,
“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son…”
Rather, he began with, “In the beginning was the Word...and the Word was God. All things were made by Him…” (John 1:1-3). Creation is the bedrock foundation for the entire Word of God, including the Gospel! So, why do many preachers neglect or ignore this foundation of everything?? I don’t know, but there exists a great spiritual dearth in our land, and much of the blame for that dearth must be laid at the feet of those who claim to know and proclaim God’s Word! (See Ezekiel 22:23-31.) We are grateful for the precious opportunities to share foundational truth, especially truths concerning the awesome and intriguing creatures called DINOSAURS which we ALL can use to point people to the Creator and away from lies!
Remembering the Creator,
Jeff & Heather
Itinerary is available at:
special unspoken, passing of Heather’s uncle (Willie Russell), open doors Sept. 6—Oct. 9, increased financial support, increased opportunities, wisdom for future meetings
new-to-us RV/Home!, excellent Leaders Luncheons attendances (~40), financial provision, full summer of ministry

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