Thursday, March 31, 2016

Mountain Mysteries 2016

Can you believe it? Our mountain theme has rolled around again!! This summer, we'll rehash old familiars, such as Mt. Ararat and Krakatoa, and talk about a major American catastrophe, Mt. St. Helens, as well as archaeology with the search for the real Mt. Sinai. Did you know that, by comparison, Mt. St. Helens in Washington State, was a tiny volcano? Yet, it has been called "God's gift to the creationist" because of the many things that have been learned and observed re: catastrophism that tie in perfectly with the world wide flood of the Bible. A brand new canyon system was formed in only 9 hours up to 3 days! Such canyons seen in other places (e.g. Canyonlands National Monument in Utah) are said to have formed over "millions of years"! Fairy tale! In addition, multiple events on land and at sea illustrate what took place at the time of Noah's flood. In short, what we see all over the globe is evidence that the Bible is true! If you can, join us for one or more of our upcoming sessions in states like TN, VA, SC, PA, and CT. Check out our itinerary at Creation Family Ministries! How can we make this allegedly 'boring' subject exciting for children, teens, and adults?? Glad you asked! We've got a smoking volcano and a fiery Bible to adorn our summer program, plus competition between the "Mountain Men" and the "Lava Ladies." THEN, there's always the series of special "Mysteries"! Come and have FUN while learning about God, His Word, and His works in creation. While you're at it, check out our updates for this year, linked soon from our main site (above).

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